Neck Bone Spurs

Tinidazole uk Is smart-phone use causing us to grow "horns?"

 A finding was recently published that sounds extraordinary — people growing horn-like structures on their skulls due to smartphone use — may in fact have a simple explanation: bone spurs.

The study, which was published in 2018 in the journal Scientific Reports, indeed found bony growths on the bases on skulls of around 400 adults. The researchers referred to these growths in layman's terms, as a bone spur, located at the base of the skull.

A debate continues over whether the bone spurs are a "natural" occurrence or if they may indeed be caused by smart-phone use. Have you heard of the term "tech-neck?"

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If you're worried about head horns stemming from smartphone-induced bad posture, you may be suffering from "tech neck." Tech neck is caused by spending too much time in "text position," warned Dr. Evan Johnson from Columbia University in a blog post last year.

The more you tilt your head forward and down, the more gravity increases the weight to your neck, increasing the pressure exerted. (It's similar to the reason head horns have begun sprouting.) For a person with an average head weight of 10 pounds, a 60-degree tilt is equivalent to 60 pounds of force.

Here's how to tell that you might be facing tech neck: Check your profile sideways in a mirror, says University of California San Francisco associate professor Andrew Lui. If your ears are not aligned with your shoulders, your posture may be causing tech neck.

Regardless of the reason, if you or someone you know suffers from bone spurs in the neck, the "Mantis" can provide comfort by helping to keep the neck level while working (or playing) on a smart-phone.

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  1. I find it scary that things in our environment can actually cause physical changes to our body. I am glad that new discoveries and inventions are out there to help us deal with it.

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